*Butterscotch-Cake with Caramel-Icing*


*Ingredients :

+Caramel Mirror Glaze:
°250g sugar
°250 g liquid cream
°10g gelatin

*Preparation :

+Caramel Mirror Glaze:

Heat cream.  
The recipe for caramel mirror glaze
Caramelized sugar in saucepan.
Given the quantity, I recommend that you do not pour everything into your pan at once, but go in three or four times. Once the sugar caramelizes you can add sugar and mix gently with a wooden spoon or a spatula (be careful that the latter can withstand very high temperatures).Cut the caramel with the cream. To do this, pour a drizzle of hot cream then mix, add a little more cream while continuing to mix.
If you pour your cream too quickly, or if it is not hot enough, your caramel will freeze and you will not obtain a liquid and creamy caramel.
Once your cream is fully incorporated into the caramel, remove the pan from the heat.To knowing exact amount of gelatin to use, you need to weigh your caramel, as its weight will vary depending on how much cream  evaporates during cooking. Count 10 g of gelatin for 500 g of caramel.
If you notice small pieces of caramel, take advantage of this moment to pass it through a strainer to filter it, the hotter your caramel, the easier it will be.
Hydrate your gelatin for 10 minutes in a large bowl of cold water. Drain it then adding it to your caramel also blending (even after 10 mn it should still be hot enough)
Your icing must reach 27°C to be used. Once at the right temperature, mix it with an immersion blender to homogenize it and use it immediately.
To glaze a dessert:
The recipe for caramel mirror glaze
Place your entremets on a rack, itself on a dish that will allow you to collect the excess icing.
Slightly break the corners of the entremets (simply by passing your finger to melt the foam). This will prevent the icing from being cut off by too sharp corners.
Generously pour the icing continuously and quickly to coat the entire entremets.
If it is flat on top (like mine) pass quickly and immediately, before it starts to freeze, a stroke of the spatula to remove the excess icing. This is not a very obvious operation, but if you don't do it you will have too much icing on the top of your dessert and it will not be very pleasant to taste.
It is easier to using molds that are not flat like Silikomart's magia del tempo. Thus the icing will flow on its own on the entremets, without having to pass the fateful stroke of the spatula.
Slide a spatula under the entremets then slide it on the rack to remove the runny icing and place it on your dish.
Time frozen, you can put your entremets back in the freezer if you wish, or let it thaw in the refrigerator.

Enjoy !