classic vanilla bars


Did you eat custard? Egg custard appears frequently in our memories of the desserts we had as children When we started looking for similar dishes, we noticed that egg custard for us is quite similar to what people were used to like vanilla custard… the bottom line is that, whatever it's called, because custard is a delicious, yummy dessert that always hits the spot regardless of the name. 

Temperatures are rising and you wonder how to make ice cream without an ice cream maker? I have the solution for you with this recipe for frozen yoghurt bars: put a creamy mixture of fruit yoghurt and whipped cream in the freezer and cover them with fruit muesli.  You get tasty and refreshing ice cream bars for children's snacks! I used Grillon d’Or fruit muesli to make this recipe.

+For 9 to 12 people
+40 minutes of activity
3+ hours of inactivity


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