Peach cobbler egg roll


Peach Cobbler's Egg Rolls are hand-made versions of the traditional peach dessert, taste delicious and look sophisticated enough to impress anyone you serve them to! 

When you first think of egg rolls, you may not think of dessert egg rolls. However, when you take your first bite into the sweet crispy egg roll with a heavenly peach cobbler filling, you'll never forget it! They'll remind you of a Southern peach cobbler but in a handheld form.

**Why do peach cobbler egg rolls have to be made ?

These peach egg rolls are a creative twist on the traditional peach cobbler, providing a unique and delicious dessert experience.
The crispy egg roll wrapper is filled with a sweet peach, cinnamon, and vanilla filling that's sure to impress. Plus, they're easy to make and perfect for serving at parties or gatherings.


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