12 Mind-Blowing House Cleaning Hacks


Spring Cleaning Hacks. Clean Oven Rack.

To clean your oven racks without scrubbing, place them in a large garbage bag with some ammonia and let sit for a couple hours in a well-ventilated area. via – Frugally Blonde

Spring Cleaning Hacks. Clean window screen.

Clean your window screens with a lint roller. via – Cottage Notes

Spring Cleaning Hacks. Clean window sill.

Place a cardboard tube on the end of your vacuum to get into tiny spaces such as window tracks, under your kitchen appliances, the corner of your kitchen drawers, and between your couch cushions. via – One Good Thing

Spring Cleaning Hacks. Clean inside oven glass.

Clean inside your oven glass without removing your oven door. Most ovens have a gap at the bottom of the door. Wrap a rag around a piece of wire (such as a wire hanger), spray it with cleaner and slide it under the door, between the glass. via – Wildly Charmed

Spring Cleaning Hacks. Prevent fogging.

Rubbing a bar of soap over the bathroom mirror will keep it from fogging up. source unknown

Spring Cleaning Hacks. Remove hard water stains.

Mix together 1 cup Epsom salts, 1/2 cup baking soda, 1/4 cup liquid dish soap. Use the mixture to remove hard water stains within seconds. source unknown

Spring Cleaning Hacks. Remove water rings

Use toothpaste to remove water rings from wood. via – Charles + Hudson

Spring Cleaning Hacks. Clean baseboards.

Use a broom to clean your baseboards without breaking your back. Wrap a rag around the end of your broom and secure with a rubber band. Wipe it around the top of your baseboards without having to bend over. via – House Tipster

Spring Cleaning Hacks. Clean Baby Toys.

You can easily clean your kids’ toys in the dishwasher. via – Fun, Cheap, or Free

Spring Cleaning Hacks. Clean your walls.

Use a Swiffer mop to clean your walls. via – A Mother’s Shadow (original post no longer available.)