Cream cheese squares


The amazing cinnamon sugar on these Churro Cheesecake bars reminds me of an elephant ear on cheesecake.
Also known as cinnamon cream cheese bars, this dessert recipe is easy to make at home using croissant dough and features a cream cheese topping for extra goodness!

Close-up of cheesecake with a layer of baked cinnamon sugar and cream cheese dripping from the center of the Pillsbury Crescent dough

Imagine a croissant crust topped with the perfect blend of cinnamon and sugar, then filled with a rich mixture of cream cheese. Whether you're fancying or eating Churro Cheesecake bars, this is a dessert recipe that will leave you and your guests wanting more!

One bite and you'll see why it's so popular on TikTok as this Churro Cheesecake recipe. My neighbor says the recipe is so simple that her kindergartner memorized it!

We love how evenly sprinkling cinnamon sugar over melted butter and croissant dough makes the magic possible in this recipe. Pop this mix in the oven to create a one-of-a-kind dessert that will be a huge hit at every get-together. Or skip the buttercream topping for another fun twist.

*ingredients :

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