Hack that could get rid of the foul stench of urine from your bathroom

One mother expressed profound gratitude to the group members who introduced her to this unconventional solution.

She warmly voiced her appreciation, saying, 'A massive thanks to the wonderful mom who suggested using shaving cream to remove the urine smell. I spread it all around, rubbed it in, came back after a few hours to clean it up and the smell had disappeared.'

'It worked for me and yes, I only paid a few bucks for the stuff - best advice ever! Thanks once again.'

Another woman clarified the reason behind her extensive use of shaving cream in her bathroom.

'Anyone with a household full of young boys would comprehend why it's smeared across a large area and into all the grout and corners,' she explained.

'I’m letting it sit overnight. I'm hopeful that it'll work well!'

Meanwhile, another mother elucidated why her application of shaving cream was so widespread – she has young boys and assured that other parents in similar situations would ‘understand’.

Many users on social media are champions of this method, with one advising that the shaving cream should be left on for a few hours before washing it off.

'Shaving cream! Grab a cheap can, empty it all over the floor and lower wall tiles, massage it in, let it rest for several hours, then rinse it off. The smell will be gone,' suggested one user.

Another user shared: ‘I tried the shaving cream method in a house with an adult male and a three-year-old boy - it worked wonderfully and left a really pleasant scent.'

One person simply said: ‘Everyone swears by this method.’