Hack that could get rid of the foul stench of urine from your bathroom


A number of Australian mothers, exhausted with the persistent urine scent in their bathrooms as a result of toilet-training their young boys, have stumbled upon a method that effectively eradicates the smell.

This approach might be a bit untidy, but these mothers vouch that slathering their bathrooms with shaving cream and allowing it to rest for some time makes the stubborn ‘urine odor’ vanis
h at last.

In a Facebook group called Mums Who Clean, countless mothers have posted pictures of their fully shaving-cream coated tiled floors and walls, stating that no other product has yielded better results.

The precise reason behind the effectiveness of the foam isn't entirely known, but many speculate that the chemical composition of the shaving cream acts to eliminate the ‘uric acid crystals’ in urine, rather than just concealing their odor.

A congregation of Australian mothers, tired of the urine scent from their young sons' toilet training lingering in their bathrooms, have found a solution that definitively eliminates the smell – shaving cream.

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