Hot Fudge Brownie Bread


When it comes to treats, most people would agree that there is nothing more delicious than a fresh, warm brownie. This hot chocolate brownie baking recipe is bound to become one of your family's favourites!

Pain chocolate is simple, easy, and fairly quick that I'm sure will be your family's next obsession. A thick, perfectly sweet, amazing spicy fudge brownie that you can brag about to all your friends and co-workers. Serve this warm, sticky bread with a tall glass of milk or coffee for breakfast. Or get a big slice for dessert.

My mouth is watering just imagining the gooey, dripping chocolate when you cut into this bread. It's incredibly addictive and you'll be tempted not to get involved! Like I did this last time, my baby never came back until it was all gone! It is so good that you can crave it again and again. Some ask if you can add nuts to this which is a big yes! Dare to make them in mini loaf pans and I promise they will be great too! This outrageously delicious hot brownie is EVERYTHING!


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