How To Effectively Clean The Tub And Shower


source: YouTube/She's In Her Apron

I don’t mind doing the majority of chores around my house. Laundry? No problem. Vacuuming? I don’t mind it. In fact, I don’t even cringe at the thought of cleaning the toilets. However, there’s one chore that I’ve never liked doing whatsoever – and that’s cleaning the bathtub and shower. In addition to mildew and hard water stains, there’s that thin layer of grime that never seems to go away. Thankfully, this cleaning hack will make the job far easier.

source: Been There, Learned That

All you need for this cleaning hack is some Dawn liquid dish soap, distilled vinegar, and one of those cleaning wands with the sponge on one end. Simply fill the wand with equal parts dish soap and vinegar before shaking it around a bit to mix up the solution.

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