How To Stay Thoroughly Protected From Ticks


Ticks are just as troublesome as mosquitoes, and they top the list of insects that are not particularly loved. Ticks are not only unhelpful to our world, but they also carry a variety of diseases that can pose serious threats to your health. For those who live in or frequent wooded areas, caution needs to be exercised since ticks thrive in such environments. Covering up with long pants and high socks can help protect against tick bites, but is there a way to ensure you're not inadvertently carrying them home on your clothes?

Well, there's an ingenious solution for that! A popular Facebook post with nearly 162,000 shares offers a brilliant way to check your clothes for hitchhiking ticks. The trick is as simple as using a lint roller over your clothes a few times. The sticky surface of the roller will pick up any ticks that may be lurking unnoticed on your clothing, preventing you from unintentionally bringing these pests into your home after being outdoors.

For outdoor enthusiasts or dog walkers, it's a smart idea to keep a lint roller in your car and quickly swipe your clothing before getting back in. If you live in rural areas, it might be worth keeping a lint roller in your garage and roll over your clothes before heading indoors. When dealing with ticks and the diseases they can transmit, a proactive approach is undoubtedly much better than dealing with the consequences later.