Pistachio fluff


Watergate salad is the perfect Easter side dish!Also called Pistachio Fluff, this Watergate salad recipe is fluffy and delicious.
Grab a spoon because this classic dessert recipe belongs on every table, especially party tables!

The Watergate Salad is a classic dish that started in the 70's.

It's also known as Pistachio Fluff and many other names, but whatever it's called, it's absolutely delicious!
This stuff is green, chewy and full of flavour.

The bright green color makes it stand out on any table and makes it a fun holiday dish to serve.Pistachio pudding blended with pineapple, marshmallows and coconut creates a completely unique taste this is certain to please.

You can prepare this Watergate salad recipe in no time by mixing and refrigerating.
Topping it with some extra toasted coconut for the finishing touch! I love serving these for Easter and Christmas, but they taste great any time of the year.

This Watergate salad recipe is the perfect Christmas dessert or side dish.
Prepare some pistachio chips to add something fun and festive to the table!
An airy view of pistachio pelosa at Frascos Pequinos
Tarros de ensalada watergate cubiertos with malvaviscos y coco tostado

The simple flavor of pistachio is the base of this fun Christmas dish.
It works as a dessert or appetizer, similar to an ambrosia salad.
I love a little sweetness mixed on the table with the rest of the party, but serving it after dinner is just as useful.
Simply use pistachio instant pudding mix to start these pistachio chips, then mix with some crushed pineapple to add a fruity flavor.
The marshmallows and whipped cream really calm it down, and the sweet coconut creates the perfect texture.
It all comes together so well to make the smoothest candy ever.

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