Sister Builds Cottage in Her Backyard for Autistic Brother So He Can Live Independently


Autism presents a unique set of experiences for every individual diagnosed with it. Unfortunately, many are left undiagnosed and thus, unsupported. Even for those diagnosed, dealing with the stigma surrounding autism becomes an added challenge.

Take Chris, for example, an individual living with autism. His sister, Tiffany, desired to foster an environment where he could live independently, yet stay close to her. As a solution, she chose to construct a custom cottage for him in her backyard. Apart from being a caring sister, Tiffany is also the visionary founder of Depo Market, a startup focused on enhancing the quality of life for those with disabilities.

Adopted at the age of 8 months, Chris and Tiffany lived apart for 15 years. Not content with his living conditions, Chris voiced his concerns, which Tiffany comprehended. Though his condition occasionally made living with him challenging, Tiffany was resolute in her mission to ensure his happiness.

Living with higher-functioning autism carries a unique set of hurdles, including distinctive coping mechanisms and feelings of boredom and stress that are often misunderstood by neurotypical individuals. Regardless of these challenges, Tiffany was unwavering in her pursuit of ensuring the best for Chris, prompting her to build him a bespoke home in her backyard.

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