Texas sheet Cake


This Texas Sheet Cake recipe is the best, guys! As in, the only one you'll ever need. Sour cream in the cake, icing, brown sugar and extra cocoa makes this the best chocolate cake you've ever had!!

This Texas Sheet Cake recipe is perfect for large parties because it's so easy and yields so much. I made it last week, then immediately sent the remains to work with Eric.

Three days later, I did it again because I regretted sending it to work. I had a piece and realized I had a whole cake for myself and that's bad news.

Then last week I was writing the final recipe and seriously thinking about Texas Sheet Cake, and I decided to add brown sugar and more cocoa, so I started making it again.  Eric heard me take out the fryer, turn on the gas stove, and say, "Again?? It was 10:30 pm.


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