Coffee cake stuffed with apple pie

Apple Pie Coffee Cake is a dairy-free morning treat. One serving contains 3,773 calories, 39 grams of protein, and 128 grams of fat.
At $5.12 per serving, this recipe covers 53% of your daily vitamin and mineral needs. This recipe serves 1. Several people have made 
this recipe, and 541 would say it hit the spot.

This recipe is typical American cuisine. A mixture of cornstarch, margarine, cinnamon, and a handful of other ingredients is enough to make this recipe super tasty. From prep to dish, this recipe gets the job done in two hours.

With a 97% spoon percentage, this dish is amazing. Try Fried Apple Pie Ice Cream Cake, Apple Sour Pumpkin Coffee Cake with Apple Frosting, and Apple Net Coffee Cake for similar recipes.

* Methods : 

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