This salad always brings back memories.This is certainly one of my formative years favorites, so I made positive to ask my mom for her recipe. Very easy and quick to make with just a few simple ingredients you may already have on hand.

I love inexpensive recipes. Who said we have to spend a lot to making food? I have long list of budget recipes that I haven't tryed yet.Most of them are classics that I'm positive will placed a grin on people's faces like crab salad or seafood salad. Every bite is nostalgic &; brings back memories.

You have to try this crab salad very soon. I am sure you will love this good old classic salad. Mix this with a mixture of celery, mayonnaise, paprika, dill, and imitation crab meat. It may be a little strange to combine seafood and mayonnaise, but it works great! 

Serving on its own in a salad or make crab salad sandwich for the kids.

It goes well with lettuce and cherry tomatoes. Enjoy it however you like, because it's regardless! what are you waiting for?


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