Brownie Bomb Bars

Brownie Bomb bars are perfectly for football season, my favourite time of year.Football season right here in Wisconsin is a certain signal that fall has formally arrived. Football season also mean that comfort food is back on the menu & "barbecue time" is reserved for hot dogs on Sunday before the big game.

Hot & humid summer days are replaced by cool also days. The lazy day summer are on and school is back. I can hear all the applause from my mom, Yippee!!

I can't even describe how delicious also decadent these bars are. 

They are amazingly good.

They are absolutely the bomb!One chew of those bars and you may be in brownie heaven. Brownie Bomb Bar obtains three layers of goodness.

The bottom layer is chocolate chip brownie, middle layer is marshmallow cream, sprinkled with coconut, & the top layer is melted milk chocolate chips, peanut butter and cocoa Krispies, I told you it was that good!  You will score touchdowns and two-point conversions with your family and friends when you serve these bars.


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