I think I lost my mojo. or mental. or both. All I know is that I cooked up three insanely delicious recipes for the blog this weekend and couldn't get any photos worth it.

I think it's time to invest in a camera. And get the right lighting setting. But damn it. I don't want to joke about all of this. I am not a full time blogger. Like all of you I have a full time job (not related to food, recipes or blogging). I have a family. and children. Everyone who does sports. Nobody has the time to do a professional photo shoot.

Should be easy for me. & funny ! I don't cook things just to take pictures and blog about them. I cook it so we can eat it. Which means I'm walking around at dinnertime when all the good natural light is gone. If you make things too complicated, it won't be fun anymore. It will be a chore. Cooking and blogging are my moments of joy. Not my business time.


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