Classic potato pancakes

This potato pancake recipe falls into that category of delicious meals that you can make any time of the day, any day of the year, and for almost any occasion. More like a pancake style than a pancake made with leftover mashed potatoes, the main ingredient here is uncooked diced potatoes tossed with onions, eggs, and flour. The potato mixture is then shaped into strips and fried until each round is crispy and golden.

This potato pancake recipe has a lot in common with the classic potato latke recipe, but when the latkes usually use matzo flour instead of flour and are fried in oil or schmaltz They are cooked in a mixture of oil and butter, which adds a rich, dairy flavor to the dish. Be sure to squeeze the grated patties to extract as much liquid as possible, but do not rinse. The potato starch that sticks to the surface of unfried potatoes helps the pancake batter hold together.

Serve this comfort food favorite in a traditional Eastern European style with sour cream and applesauce, or experiment with other toppings or mixes to switch things up: add chopped chives for color or a pinch of garlic powder for a bolder flavor. Form them into scallion pancake sandwiches with smoked salmon or replace the English muffin in the classic Eggs Benedict with these crispy fried discs.


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