2. How to remove stubborn water stains in the toilet with vinegar and a glass of soda

++How To Remove Hard Water Stains From Bathrooms

*Vinegar is an acidic substance while Bica is used in the US but is banned in most countries such as the UK and European Union.

Why is borax banned in these countries? The explanation given is that it has a high potential for skin irritation. It was subsequently added to the European Chemicals Agency's "List of Substances of Very High Concern".Now instead of borax they use a borax substitute

The United States saw no compelling reason to ban borax as a cleaning agent. When treated properly, it is a wonderful and powerful cleanser. How to remove stubborn toilet stains with borax and vinegar.

Remove the water from the bottom of the toilet with a cup or sponge.

Pour half a cup of vinegar into the toilet bowl, scrub with a brush and wait a minute.
Add 1 cup of borax and slowly coat the bowl with it.

Slowly add 2 cups of vinegar and boil the solution.
Flush the toilet with the solution every 10 minutes for 30 minutes.

Scrub the toilet with a toilet brush, including the toilet rim.
Flush the toilet to ensure all stains are removed.

Use a toothbrush to remove stains from the floor of the toilet where the toilet brush cannot reach.