How-To-Rid Mildew & Hard-Water-Stain From The Shower

+Tip 4: Use bath pouring products
In supermarkets or specialty stores, there are products in the form of sprays specifically designed to get rid of mold. It's very strong, and generally avoids having to scrub.

+Fifth tip: Bleach to remove mold stains in the bathroom
A bleach-based cleaner can also clean up traces of mold. Remember to always rinse products with water after installation. Do not use bleach on porous materials or water-based paint.

+Sixth tip: Lemon juice to get rid of mold in the bathroom

Finally, the last tip, lemonade. Thanks to its acidifying ability, it is effective in eliminating mold. This is why it must be mixed with liquid soap before cleaning surfaces with this mixture.
Here are the different ways to combat mold in your bathroom. All you have to do is try these different tips at home! Need an expert? Actimur can perform a free diagnostic of your home to determine the causes of dampness. Several solutions will be suggested to you, depending on the result of the diagnosis.