How-To-Rid Mildew & Hard-Water-Stain From The Shower

* How do you clean mold in the bathroom?

+Tip 1: Use vinegar to remove mildew while showering
White vinegar is very effective at cleaning mold. By diluting it in water and pouring it into a spray bottle, you can apply it to the entire surface of the mold. After allowing the product to work, wipe the walls with a cloth. If necessary, you can rub a little.

+Second tip: black soap to eliminate mold on bathroom tile joints
Black soap is a popular product for cleaning up mold not only on bathroom walls, but also on grouts. Apply the soap to the mold and let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing.

+Third tip: Baking soda to get rid of mold in the bathroom
By mixing baking soda with white vinegar, you get an effervescent paste that you can rub on your knuckles to restore their whiteness!

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