Italian Drunken Noodles

Here is the recipe for Udon pasta that I told you about in my previous recipe. I had served this pasta to accompany my Chinese ravioli. 
This is an extremely simple recipe, but really delicious.

Udon pasta looks a bit like large white spaghetti. They can be served in a miso soup or sautéed in a wok like here.
I buy them at an Asian grocery store that has all kinds of amazing products, from spices to jackfruit, to Chinese noodles and rice paper. 

I try not to go there too often because I love the peanut mash mochi every time and since I have no will, I eat the box every time.
Makes me think I have to go, I want to make sushi tonight and I'm out of rice vinegar. I will try to be strong and not give in to the temptation of mochi 😉

*Ingredients for 2-3 people:

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