MILK BRIOCHE – Best Fluffy like cloud and super soft

This brioche bread has a soft and chewy texture, with a mild buttery flavor. It's absolute heaven when it comes out fresh and hot from the oven. This recipe makes 3 loaves in one go, so you can save a few in the freezer and it's totally worth it!
Half bread, half pastry, brioche is a French bread classified as being from Vienna. Enriched with butter, eggs, milk and a touch of sugar, the brioche has an incredibly rich flavor and airy texture.

There's a lot of hype surrounding the bun, and for good reason. It's amazing on its own, torn into bite-size pieces and can be spread with a bit of butter, but also as an ingredient for other recipes. For example, brioche is one of the best types of bread to use in baking as well as French toast. I've also noticed that brioche burger buns have become very popular for burgers!


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