My pecan pie is my cheesecake

I love these recipes we all grew up with, they are too good to fail. When the holidays roll around, you need some comfort food with a festive feel.

Sometimes we need a little break even when the holidays aren't around the corner yet! What better dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth and give you a warm hug than pecan pie?

But, pecan pie is pretty boring and overdone, you might say. Well, how about you combine it with the sweetness of freshly baked cheesecake? Cheesecake and pecan pie are two timeless classics that you will never get tired of. Now imagine the two together! It's a new version of the good old holiday dessert.

Everyone and their moms have their own way of cracking graham crackers. If you spend more than 5 minutes in the kitchen, you probably have your own style too.

I recommend using a food processor. Beat the graham crackers for a few seconds and they'll come out pretty good, if I do say so myself.

Pecan Cheesecake is a fun and easy recipe for your kids and family any night of the week.


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