Pecan cream pie

Pies and cake oh my! I love to cook and cook for my family. I remember as a little girl my father's mother, whom we called Mao, used to make pancakes all the time. She cooked it at her church, as well as baked it for sale.

Every time I went to her house she had an empty pie sitting on her kitchen counter waiting to pour the filling on. She was teasing me, because I just wanted to eat the pie crust she made. But, Mao can make the best pie crust from scratch. She spent most of her time cooking and cooking in her kitchen.

I have many of her recipes, she was famous for her chocolate chip pancakes. The funny thing is, these pancakes were baked, not fried, and I didn't think much of them. I'd like to ask her why they are called pancakes when they are baked.


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