The ‘Mom Of Boys’ Guide To Getting That Gross Smell Out Of Your Bathroom

Don't have time to read this entire article? So discover the 5 most effective tips in video:

1. First thing to do: clean the siphon
If the bad odors come from a kitchen sink or your bathroom sink, it is likely that the siphon is clogged, so it is essential to clean it:
Bring gloves & an empty container, such as basin,
Place the basin under the siphon,
Unscrew the siphon under the sink or washbasin,
Collect the water that flows into the basin,
Remove the waste by hand,
Screw the siphon back on,
Open the faucet for a minute or two to make sure there are no leaks.

2. Unclog with a plunger
You can also raise the cork to the surface using a suction cup. Before that, plug all the air inlets with a damp cloth. Then pump vigorously until the clog is evacuated.
Your sink is completely clogged and nothing helps? A professional will find the solution!

3. Unclog with a ferret
If the clog is located far enough in the siphon, the vacuum suction system will not suffice. You can use a "ferret": it is a long rod whose end is equipped with a kind of corkscrew. Insert it into the duct until you feel the blockage, then squeeze it out.

4. Use baking soda: the essential product
In addition to being used to clean your wooden deck or eradicate cockroaches in your home, sodium bicarbonate is a terribly effective ecological deodorant:

With white vinegar
 Pour a tablespoon of baking soda into the siphon, a spoon of salt and a glass of white vinegar. A chemical reaction will be created, so let it act for about 30 minutes before running the water.

With boiling water
Pour a tablespoon of baking soda, a spoon of salt and add a liter of boiling water.

5. Coffee grounds: the economical solution
Don't throw away the coffee grounds! This trick eliminates bad odors in the pipes, but also prevents them from clogging.
Put a tablespoon of coffee grounds in the siphon,
Run the hot water for about 2 minutes,
Repeat the operation once a day for several days.
coffee grounds
Coffee grounds, a major ally against odors

6. Pouring yogurt: the little-known trick
Store yogurt for 5 days out of the fridge. Leave to act for 2 days without using the sink, shower or sink concerned. The bacteria in yogurt will clean your drains effectively.
Lactic ferments help you fight bad odors

7. Use anti-odor products: a radical action
In most consumer stores, you will find anti-odor products specially developed to fight against the smells coming from the pipes. Read the instructions carefully before using these chemicals!