10 common household items that need regular cleaning but are often overlooked


Maintaining a spotless and sanitary home is paramount for cultivating a healthful atmosphere. While we routinely attend to cleaning areas like floors, kitchen counters, and washrooms, some daily items might escape our notice. Let's uncover ten such household articles that merit regular cleaning, ensuring you live in a pristine, germ-free setting. We'll also share some handy cleaning hacks for each.

1. Toothbrush holder

Though ubiquitous in homes, the toothbrush holder often gets missed in the cleaning cycle. Yet, it's pivotal to clean it weekly, given that studies found harmful bacteria, including E.coli, can dwell in it. A weekly rinse with soapy hot water or a disinfectant keeps those bacteria at bay.

2. Remote control

Your TV remote can harbor more germs than some doorknobs due to its frequent handling. NSF International's study confirms this. A simple regular wipe with a disinfectant cloth keeps those germs away.

3. Kitchen sponge

Given its continuous exposure to food remnants and moisture, your kitchen sponge can become a bacteria haven. Refresh it by immersing it in a hot water and bleach mix or a quick microwave zap.

4. Cutting board

Your cutting board sees various food types, including raw produce. A thorough wash after each use and an occasional bleach dilution rinse ensure it remains germ-free.

5. Bathroom exhaust fan

To keep your bathroom moisture-free and fresh, ensure the exhaust fan isn't choked with dust and debris. Cleaning it ensures efficient functioning and wards off mold proliferation.

6. Shower curtain liner

To forestall mildew and soap scum buildup on your liner, a regular wipe or machine wash is beneficial. This keeps your bathroom spick-and-span while extending the liner's life.

7. Computer keyboard

Dust, crumbs, and frequent usage make the computer keyboard a bacteria hotspot. Regular cleaning with appropriate tools and solutions can ensure a hygienic typing experience.

8. Bed pillows

Bed pillows soak up sweat, oil, and attract dust mites over time. Washing them every few months or as per brand guidelines guarantees a clean sleeping ambiance.

9. Trash bin

A haven for bacteria, your trash can might sometimes have more germs than your washroom! Regular disinfection keeps those germs and odors in check.

10. Washing machine lint trap

For a lint-free laundry and an efficiently running machine, regularly cleaning the lint trap is a must. This not only ensures peak performance but also keeps your clothes lint-free.

With these items added to your cleaning regimen, you're set for a cleaner, healthier home environment. Happy cleaning!