A Quick Hack to Building a Firewood “V” Rack


*We decided to go with 6 foot long 2×4’s but you might go shorter depending on where you are locating it or if you already have some wood on hand.

Find a Spot
Find a SpotDecide where you want your set up. It could be near your fire pit or under a shelter or along a fence which is what we did. 

Simply set the two cinder blocks side by side with the 4 holes up. Easy peasy!

Insert 2x4s
Insert 2x4sInsert a pressure treated 2×4 in each opening of the cinder blocks pointing outward into a “V” shape- it’s that simple! 

Stack Wood
Stack WoodStack your wood in the “V”- see I told you- so easy and so fast! 

Note: You can easily mix up the big wood and small pieces throughout or left and right side small stuff and big stuff center.

We actually have several wood piles but decided to put a new one together to show everyone how easy it can be. Enjoy!