A Quick Hack to Building a Firewood “V” Rack


We had another tree fall in our yard and oops no space for the wood! This is one of the easiest and cheapest wood racks to assemble for your back yard. Honest. Easy-Cheap-Fast.

The materials needed are something most of us have already in the garage or shed but if not it’s still cheap to purchase. About $1.10 for a cinder block at Lowes (you’ll need 2). And about $3.40 for a 6 foot long treated 2×4 (you need 4) at Menards. Under $20 total!

How to Store Firewood in Backyard
2×4 Treated Lumber

Gather Your Materials

  • Two cinder blocks
  • Four 2×4 pieces of treated lumber in whatever length you wish*

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