How To Get Rid Of Ants In The House Easily


Battling ants and other tiny invaders in your home can be incredibly frustrating. These tiny critters seem to multiply in no time, and professional pest control services can be costly, not to mention their frequent use of potent chemicals. So, why not try a budget-friendly, homemade solution?

What you'll need:

32 oz of warm water
1/8 cup of Borax
1/4 cup of sugar
Source: PestWiki


Combine the three ingredients until well mixed.
Soak cotton balls in your prepared solution.
Position these soaked cotton balls in areas frequented by ants or other pests.
The sweet smell will lure the ants, and they'll carry the solution back to their nest, sharing it with their colony. Unfortunately for them, this means they won't be around much longer.
Photo reference: LittleThings Facebook/Marcia Holtsclaw

Safety Note: Ensure the locations where you set the cotton balls are out of reach for children and pets.

It's truly one of the most straightforward solutions to your ant problem. Give it a try and spread the word to friends or family facing similar pest issues!