Kiss Mess Goodbye! The 30 Day De-Clutter Challenge For A Neater Home


When life gets hectic, our living spaces can reflect the chaos, amassing clutter and disorganization. If you're feeling swamped by the state of your home and are unsure of where to begin, dive into the 30-Day Declutter Challenge.

Your Step-by-Step 30-Day Declutter Plan

Day 1: Every household has that notorious junk drawer. Dive into your messiest one, keeping only essentials and tossing the rest.

Day 2: It's wardrobe overhaul day. Donate clothes you haven't worn lately or those that don't fit. Organize the rest by occasion or season.

Day 3: Let's address the DVD and VHS collection. Retain those that are cherished or frequently watched and consider donating the remainder.

Day 4: That TV cabinet or drawer housing outdated electronics? Time to declutter. Discard broken items or ones you haven’t used in a while.

Day 5: Sort through your pile of old mail, bills, and letters. File the essentials and consider shredding the rest.

Day 6: A quick win - clear off your kitchen table. Ideally, only food should grace its surface.

Day 7: Feeling ambitious? Declutter two kitchen cabinets, disposing of outdated food and unnecessary items.

Day 8: For book lovers, this can be tough. Keep your beloved and sentimentally valuable books, but consider donating the rest.

Day 9: A clutter-free wallet awaits! Discard expired cards and old receipts.

Day 10: Extend that decluttering to your purse. Essentials only, please!

Day 11: Refresh your makeup collection. Discard expired products and clean your makeup brushes.

Day 12: Give your shower a revamp. Keep only essential products.

Day 13: Tidy up those bathroom cabinets, discarding expired or unused products.

Day 14: For every new pair of shoes, consider donating an old pair.

Day 15: Two more kitchen cabinets await your decluttering expertise.

Day 16: Assess your linen closet. Keep what you truly use and love.

Day 17: Audit your medicine cabinet for expired items.

Day 18: A freezer detox day! Dispose of old or uneaten frozen items.

Day 19: Clear and clean your kitchen counters.

Day 20: Revisit your decluttered junk drawer or start on a new one.

Day 21: Freshen up your fridge, discarding expired items.

Day 22: Two more kitchen cabinets are on today's agenda.

Day 23: Donate unused or neglected home accessories.

Day 24: Car day! Clean out and organize your car, including the trunk and glove box.

Day 25: If kids are in the picture, sort through their toys. Donate those no longer cherished.

Day 26: Organize the toys you've kept. Maybe invest in some storage solutions.

Day 27: Game time! Retain favorite games and consider donating the rest.

Day 28: Organize your cleaning supplies, ensuring they’re neatly stored.

Day 29: You’re nearly there! Two more kitchen cabinets to go.

Day 30: Celebrate the last day by giving your home a deep clean. Enjoy your revitalized, clutter-free space!

Take it one step at a time and watch your home transform over a month. Let's begin the declutter journey!