Pecan Pie Bark


A gift-worthy treat you can't resist! Whip up several batches because it disappears quickly.

Do the upcoming holidays have you listing and organizing the treats you're eager to craft? I dive into this process annually – ranking from intricate to simple, from time-eaters to quick fixes, and designating recipes either for loved ones or for gifting. Suddenly, the festivity feels a lot like frenzy, leaving me gasping for extra hours.

This week, the weight feels even denser. We had the sad fortune of bidding goodbye to my father-in-law who succumbed to cancer. Amidst this, I've been orchestrating a series of comfort foods for my dear husband Don's family. While racking my brains for a sweet addition to counterbalance the savory, it struck me – Pecan Pie Bark. Astonishingly, this gem had evaded my festive list in past Christmas preparations. It's a delight to craft and heavenly to devour.

The making is an absolute breeze. Set aside 5 minutes for prep, another 5 for stove time, and a mere 10 in the oven. Voilà!

But the taste – it's a revelation! The nutty crunch of pecans, a velvety praline-esque layer, all atop a foundation of crisp graham crackers. It's an experience of pure ecstasy, where each bite urges you for just one more. Dive in and let the Pecan Pie Bark enchant your palate! 🌰🥧

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