The Bottle Method: A Budget-Friendly Technique for Shiny Toilets


A sparkling and fresh-smelling toilet is a must for any bathroom. We’re about to reveal a method that not only enhances toilet hygiene but also provides an affordable solution to various issues. Let’s dive into the details.

Cleaning the Toilet Bowl with the Bottle Method

Before delving into the method, start with a preliminary step: before bedtime, pour a handful of baking soda followed by a small amount of white vinegar into the toilet. This creates a foaming effect that naturally removes dirt from the bowl’s walls. Leave it for 15 minutes or overnight, then gently scrub with a toilet brush to eliminate debris and odors.

Now, let’s explore the bottle method. This technique involves placing a small bottle in the toilet cistern, ensuring the bowl is cleaned with each flush. It’s simple and effective:

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