Why Putting Salt In Your Toilet Is A Little-Known Tip From Plumbers


All homeowners will inevitably have to deal with a plumbing problem or two in their lifetime. As a homeowner myself, my least favorite plumbing issues are the ones relating to a toilet. You may start to notice that when you flush your toilet, it drains extremely slowly or makes a gurgling sound. You may also notice some funky odors. All of these signs could point to tree roots poking holes into your plumbing pipes.

source: JAB Plumbing Solutions

Over time, roots from trees and bushes can protrude into your pipes, poking holes and cracks into them in order to continue growing. This can cause big issues for your home’s plumbing. However, before it gets too serious, there is a little-known plumbing hack that will stop the roots from growing any further into your pipes.

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