10 grandmother's tips for keeping flies out of your home.


In the nostalgic embrace of grandma’s cozy kitchen, there was always a secret weapon in play to ensure that those uninvited, buzzing guests – the flies – were kept at bay. Yes, those treasured gatherings were not just guarded by love, but also by traditional wisdom passed through generations. Here are 10 grandmotherly tips to keep flies out of your home, ensuring you enjoy your spaces with serenity and hygiene.

1. Lavender Love
Grandma always said, “Lavender isn’t just for scent!” Placing bunches of lavender around the home or utilizing lavender essential oil not only refreshes your spaces but also dissuades flies with its potent fragrance.

2. Cloves in Citrus
Pierce citrus fruits like oranges or lemons with cloves, creating a natural repellent. The zesty aroma, displeasing to flies, will simultaneously uplift your spaces with a fresh and spicy scent.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar Trap

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