7 easy, all-natural ways to make those brittle nails stronger


Think of the numerous tasks your hands perform daily. From washing dishes and vehicle maintenance to merely petting your furry friend, your fingernails endure quite a bit. It's no shock that many of us sport less-than-perfect nails. While WebMD points out that brittle nails might signal low iron or other health concerns, once you've sidestepped serious issues, explore these straightforward solutions for stronger, healthier nails.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar Magic
With its rich contents of calcium, magnesium, and iron, apple cider vinegar not only fortifies your nails but also, thanks to its malic and acetic acid, fends off numerous nail infections. Soak your nails in an equal-parts water and vinegar mix, rinsing with water afterward. A daily repeat of this routine will gradually bolster your nail strength.

2. Nail-Growth Stimulating Massage

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