7 Things You Can Do If You Have Rosemary at Home


Rosemary is one of the  most used aromatic plants in cooking  . It is used to enrich the flavor of dishes based especially on meat or fish, and it is not difficult to grow it at home to always have it available.

But rosemary is also a wonderful  therapeutic plant  , used for millennia to improve health thanks to its wonderful healing properties.

We list below  7 uses of rosemary  which, as unusual as they may seem to us, are really effective and can replace even very expensive products and treatments.

White hair

Rosemary is able to darken hair color, hide gray or white hair.

To take advantage of this special property, add about 15 drops of rosemary essential oil to your usual shampoo. In addition to strengthening hair, rosemary will make it darker.

If you want to use rosemary sprigs directly, you can also prepare an infusion by cooking them for a few minutes. Allow to cool and use to rinse hair.

Greasy hair

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