A Bee Watering Station With Marbles


Exhausted bees desperately seeking hydration in your garden can be a disheartening sight. So, let’s dive into a delightful, straightforward solution – creating a Bee Watering Station, using just a bowl and some marbles, that promises to quench their thirst while sprinkling a dash of fun in your backyard!

These tiny, buzzing marvels play an instrumental role in pollinating our plants, securing our lush harvests. However, finding reliable water sources, particularly in sizzling summers, can be a bee-sized challenge. Your DIY Bee Watering Station emerges as their savior!

Gather Your Supplies:

All you need is a shallow bowl or plate and marbles, which might be sneaking around in your kid’s or grandkid’s collection (ensuring you ask them first!) or are a quick trip to the dollar store away.

Creating the Bee Oasis:

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