According To Laundry Experts, You Should Be Washing Your Sheets At Least Once A Week


Most of us might complain about the tedious chore of laundry, particularly when it comes to bedding. The process of stripping the bed, ensuring multiple wash cycles due to the bulk, and then the dreaded task of making the bed again, especially if you have a duvet, can be quite off-putting. Indeed, these might sound like trivial concerns.

Yet, the laziness many of us display in frequently washing our bedding may have repercussions we'd never even considered. According to laundry expert Mary Marlowe Leverette, while we rest, our bodies do not. We release body oils, sweat, and more. Shockingly, upon close examination, one might find traces of saliva, urine, and even fecal matter in the bedding. Any cuts or abrasions can potentially become infected if one's bedding is dirty. Moreover, fungal infections like Athlete's foot can also transfer via fabric. It's concerning to think that neglecting bed linen cleaning might lead to these residues seeping into pillows and mattresses, which are notably harder to clean.

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