All you need is a dishwasher tablet! The oven will be like new again


Gather Your Armor – Materials Needed:

1 dishwasher tablet

Warm water

A sponge or a gentle brush

A clean cloth

Rubber gloves (optional but recommended)

Steps to Achieve a Spotless Oven:

Protect Your Hands (Optional yet Wise):

Adorn rubber gloves, particularly beneficial if your skin tends to be sensitive.

Prepare Your Battlefield - The Oven:

Ensure the oven is off and has adequately cooled down, then remove any loose particles or crumbs from its surfaces.

Dissolve the Cleaning Warrior – Dishwasher Tablet:

Place the dishwasher tablet into a bowl or cup of warm water, gently stirring until it dissolves into a paste-like consistency.

Engage the Enemy – Apply the Paste:

Utilize a sponge or soft brush to generously apply the resulting paste to the oven’s dirty spots, paying special attention to the most stained areas.

Wait Patiently in the Shadows – Allow to Sit:

Let the paste work its magic for approximately 15-20 minutes, granting time for the cleaning agents to penetrate and break down the grease and dirt.

Attack with Vigor – Scrub and Wipe:

After allowing the paste to set, scrub the oven with the sponge or brush, observing as the grime effortlessly lifts away. Follow by wiping with a clean cloth to eliminate any residues.

The Final Touch – Let it Dry:

Ensure the oven is allowed to air dry thoroughly before its next culinary adventure.

Ensure that you meticulously wipe the oven following cleaning to prevent any leftover cleaning agent from becoming a future issue.

With this effortless trick, your oven can bask in its rejuvenated glory with minimal exertion and cost. Dishwasher tablets might just be the unexpectedly versatile cleaning marvel you’ve been looking for in your kitchen. Give it a go and watch as your oven regains its brilliant shine