Doctor teaches how to use apple cider vinegar to remove skin tags


Widely recognized as "The Health Fixer," Dr. Doug Willen has captivated millions with his straightforward, user-friendly approaches to addressing commonplace health issues. Through his website and YouTube channel, Dr. Willen dispenses invaluable advice on a myriad of topics, ranging from managing the discomfort of poison ivy to navigating the nuances of the Paleo diet. His most-viewed YouTube video showcases an easy-to-follow process whereby skin tags can be removed utilizing apple cider vinegar.

Medicine Net highlights that skin tags, while prevalent and benign, tend to surface in skin areas that experience frequent creasing or are subject to continual rubbing against clothing. 

Although there are numerous methods to remove them, many of which involve expert techniques facilitated by dermatologists, Dr. Willen offers an alternative that can be performed comfortably at home.

In the featured video, Dr. Willen introduces a method of utilizing apple cider vinegar to facilitate the removal of skin tags within the convenience of one's own home. This uncomplicated procedure mandates repeated applications of apple cider vinegar to the affected areas, resulting in the gradual detachment of the skin tags over a period of time. This alternative remedy reinforces the practicality and effectiveness of commonplace items in managing and resolving everyday health nuisances and issues.