Every woman should know these 7 tricks with cloves


Renowned for its robust, pungent flavor, the clove blossom bud, once dried to a hard and brown state under the sun, has found its usage across therapeutic and culinary landscapes, especially in Asia for over two millennia. Introduced to Europe during the Middle Ages, it gained a reputation rivalling pepper, while in modern contexts, its widespread use in crafting Indonesian cigarettes is notable. A slow fruit producer, the delicate clove tree demands close to 8 years to bear fruit, with its flower buds, harvested pre-bloom, dried until they assume a brownish hue.

1. Cloves & Stomach Comfort
Cloves, when infused, stand as a formidable ally against varied digestive issues, notably stomach aches and bloating. Creating the infusion involves steeping 4 or 5 cloves in a large cup of boiling water for around ten minutes.

2. Combatting Bad Breath with Cloves

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