Firefighters Warn People About The Dangers Of Sleeping With A Charging Phone


Most of us are on our cellphones constantly throughout the day. And so, it only makes sense that we would plug them in to charge at night while we’re sleeping. However, do you ever give much thought to where you charge your phone while you sleep? Many of us are quite attached to our phones, and so we sleep with them beside us or under our pillows. However, firefighters are warning people of just how dangerous this seemingly innocent habit can actually be.

source: Goody Feed

The Newton New Hampshire Fire Department made a Facebook post that perfectly illustrates this point. The post revealed that 53% of children and teenagers charge their phones or tablets either on their beds or under their pillows. This becomes a potential danger because the heat generated from the charger cannot dissipate, so the charger becomes increasingly hotter as the night goes on. It’s easy to understand how bedding and pillows can quickly catch fire as a result.

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