Garlic: 14 secrets you don’t know yet


Boil a cup of water.

Add a chopped garlic clove to the boiling water.

Let it steep for 5 minutes.

Strain and sweeten if desired.

Consume this brew throughout the week to soothe your cough.

III. A Natural Acne Treatment:

Why It Works: Garlic acts as a disinfectant and combats the bacteria causing acne.


Gently rub a clove of garlic on acne-prone areas.

It's best to do this treatment in the evening.

IV. Homemade Disinfectant:

Why It Works: Garlic possesses natural disinfectant properties.


If you get minor cuts or scratches, rub a peeled garlic clove on the affected area to disinfect before addressing the wound further.

V. Tackling Hair Loss:

Why It Works: Garlic, rich in allicin, can potentially reduce hair fall.


Infuse several garlic cloves in a cup of olive oil.

Gently massage the oil mixture into your scalp.

Regular application will soon showcase visible benefits.

VI. Ward Off Mosquitoes Naturally:

Why It Works: Mosquitoes are naturally repelled by the scent of garlic.


Create a blend of vaseline, beeswax, and a few drops of garlic essential oil for a DIY repellent.

Alternatively, place some garlic cloves in mosquito-prone areas to deter them.

Remember, while garlic offers various benefits, always perform a patch test when trying topical applications to ensure no adverse reactions. If you're looking to integrate garlic into your health regimen or have underlying health concerns, consulting a healthcare professional is recommended.