House invaded by cockroaches and cockroaches, how to clean the floor to eliminate them immediately


Why Cockroaches Invade Our Spaces:

They seek food and shelter.

Our homes provide warm, moist environments ideal for their survival.

Basic Preventative Measures:

Seal any entry points from plumbing into your home.

Promptly clean up after meals and ensure no food residue remains.

Ensure your trash bag doesn’t contain easily accessible food scraps.

Introducing: Homemade Cockroach-Repelling Vinegar

Today, we’ll explore a remarkable, budget-friendly solution against cockroaches, involving everyday household items.


Economical: No need to invest in potentially expensive chemical insecticides.

Eco-friendly: Comprising only natural ingredients, it’s pollution-free.

Health-Safe: Unlike many commercial insecticides, this repellent is devoid of harmful chemicals.




Essential oil of your choice (optional)

Natural floor cleaner (optional)

Preparation and Usage:

Mix Your Repellent:

Locate your vinegar and mix a few tablespoons of it in a container with some water. Add a few drops of your preferred essential oil for an added fragrance and potential extra repelling power.

Enhance if Needed:

If your surfaces are particularly dirty, consider incorporating a few drops of a natural floor cleaner into the mix.

Apply Liberally:

Soak a mop in the concoction and proceed to clean your floors. The scent of vinegar, which is averse to cockroaches, will permeate the area, encouraging these pests to seek residence elsewhere.

Regular Usage:

Make it a habit to utilize this mixture frequently, ensuring all corners of your home are attended to.

The result is a clean, refreshing environment that is inhospitable to cockroaches, promoting a serene, pest-free living space that you can relax and find comfort in, especially during those warmer months where these unwelcome visitors tend to appear most. This eco-conscious, safe, and natural approach ensures a harmonious coexistence with our environment, safeguarding our homes from unwanted tiny trespassers.