Most people think these cupboards are pointless. Here's how to properly use them


Food Processor: Ideal for storing here if it’s not a daily staple but more of an occasional aid.

Blender: Stow it here, ensuring it's on hand for those sporadic blending needs.

Waffle Maker: Perfect for gadgets like this that might not see weekly use, but you wouldn’t dream of ditching.

2. Embrace Bins and Baskets

Opt for bins or baskets to ensure items are both accessible and organized. For instance:

Baking Essentials: Cluster items such as measuring spoons, rolling pins, or cookie cutters in marked bins.

Canned Products: Transparent bins can be a boon for sorting products like canned fruits, broths, or pickles.

Cookware Accessories: Have a dedicated basket for essentials like oven mitts, pot holders, or coasters.

3. Go Vertical

Harness the vertical expanse by integrating more shelves or customizable racks. What to house here?

Cookbooks: Align them vertically, creating both an aesthetic and space-efficient display.

Herbs & Spices: Incorporate mini shelves to curate a mini spice hub.

Glass Collections: Dedicate this space for those glass items that aren’t daily essentials.

4. Stash Bulk Goods & Kitchen Textiles

These cabinets can be a haven for both bulk kitchen goods and textiles:

Bulk Basics: Stockpile extra pantry basics, say pasta, grains, or lentils, in sealed containers.

Tissue & Towels: Decongest other spaces by storing paper rolls or cleaning tissues.

Kitchen Linens: Place dish towels, sponges, and washcloths ensuring they’re always within arm's reach.

5. Seasonal & Celebration Essentials

Reserve this space for items that are more seasonal or event-specific:

Festive Accents: Store holiday-centric plates, ornaments, or table mats.

Alfresco Dining Supplies: Keep picnic essentials, like plastic cutlery, or reusable cups for sunny outings.

Elegant Dinnerware: Safeguard exquisite dishes, perhaps crystal bowls or ornate trays, for those special events.

6. Stay Organized and Safe

Regular upkeep ensures these cabinets remain both useful and hazard-free:

Routine Clean-Up: Regularly inspect and reorganize, ensuring only necessary items remain.

Safety First: Always use a robust step stool when fetching items, ensuring you're safe.

Heat Alert: Given the fridge’s heat emission, be wary of storing heat-sensitive items up top.

By efficiently utilizing and regularly maintaining the space above your fridge, you can significantly enhance your kitchen's storage and organization capabilities.