Parents say home economics should be taught in schools again to teach folks basic life skills


In the rapidly evolving landscape of our contemporary society, technological advancements have seamlessly integrated into our daily routines. Kitchen gadgets like Instant Pots and air fryers, electric toothbrushes in our bathrooms, ever-present screens in our living spaces, and the burgeoning popularity of electric cars have become commonplace within a relatively short span of time. The ubiquity of smartphones and laptops, introduced just 15 years ago with Steve Jobs' unveiling of the iPhone, is particularly noteworthy.

However, an intriguing question arises: Does our reliance on technology genuinely equip us with vital life skills and knowledge on practical task execution?

Recent observations hint that the current younger generation may lack proficiency in fundamental tasks such as cooking or laundry, potentially more so than their predecessors at comparable ages. Interestingly, this disparity may have been further accentuated by the global shift towards remote living and learning amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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