Stacked Planter Fountain


Weed free and ready to go! I actually left the stepping stone exactly where it was and put black weed barrier right over the top so I didn’t risk it not being level once i moved it! AND leaving it under meant I wouldn’t have to worry about it peaking through the mulch once everything was all said and done! Once your loaction is ready its time to start working on the fountain itself! YAY!

Start by dry fitting your fountain, I placed my 5 gallon bucket upside down inside my large pot, then set the smaller pot on top of the bucket, I tested my pump at this point to make sure it worked, you will want to do this before you assemble, once you caulk the cord to the pot, you wont be able to return the pump if for whatever reason it isnt working. Drill a hole in each pot, I placed my hole in the bottom toward one edge so it would be hidden completely once its in place, and also, if I want to dissemble and just use the planters at a later time they don’t have huge holes in the side of them… But this step is really whatever is easier for you. Now its time to attach the pump and seal the hole! To seal the hole I used JB Weld WaterWeld, honestly becuase its what the guy at Home Depot reccommended, but this stuff is great!

Feed your cord through the hole, give yourself some slack on the cord so you can center your pump once its all assembled, mix your putty as directed and seal the hole and cord together, I really globbed it on there, haha. I’ve never used this product before and it was so easy! And dries in 1 hour! That’s perfect for this impatient DIYer, like myself.

10 out of 10 reccommend! This stuff is so easy to use!!

Once the product has dried, position the pump, I ended up centering it and then surrounded it with rocks from my yard to keep it in its place, I did have to go back in once I filled the fountain and tweek the position a bit once the fountain was on, it was leaning to one side, but it wasn’t hard, and honestly, as hot as it is here in Georgia in Mid-August, it was pretty refreshing to play in the water! Haha

Almost there guys! Fountain is in place! Cord is coming out the bottom of the top pot and runs down the bucket to the hole in the bottom pot! I purchased a drop cord for outdoor use since the pump cord was not long enough, make sure you buy a cord rated for outdoor if you need an extension cord! Next step is just planting the plants! I used a good amount of rock in the bottom pot before filling it the remainder of the way with potting soil, this will act as drainage for the plants as well as weight to keep your fountain stable! Don’t skimp on this part! We don’t want that beauty to blow or get knocked over! Now, get to planting! You can use whatever plants you like!

My little buddy approves! I have Creeping Jenny planted in the pot, and just love this color pop, and little did I know this plant also gets small yellow flowers! What a happy surprise!

I’m so pleased with how this all came together! In this photo you have 2 dipladenia on the right and left of the fountain, and a balloon plant out front. I also used a few different varieties of annuals for color!

How relaxing! This makes the best sounds! Let me know if you guys build your own! Follow me over on instagram @redstusticworkshop for sneak peaks on upcoming tutorials!



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