Stop buying tomatoes. Use these 4 smart methods to grow an endless supply


2. Traditional Ground Planting

If your residence boasts an expansive sunny yard:

Yield: Ground planting can lead to a more abundant tomato yield.

Maintenance: This approach demands less frequent watering.

Protection: However, beware of critters like deer and rabbits that might feast on your garden. Install protective measures if required.

3. Window Box Cultivation

For those with limited outdoor space:

Requirements: Opt for spacious window boxes that can house at least 1.5 gallons of soil.

Support: Employ a string trellis fixed to the wall to prop up the plant.

Variety: It's advisable to plant smaller tomato varieties tailored for this setup.

4. The Hanging Basket Technique

For those hesitant about window boxes:

Placement: Situate a hanging basket, preferably on a porch or balcony.

Watering Needs: This method entails more regular watering due to rapid drainage.

Recommendation: Cascading cherry tomatoes are optimal for this setup, ensuring a delightful harvest.

By adopting one of these methods, you can enjoy a fresh, home-grown supply of tomatoes, catering to both your culinary experiments and health. Whether you have a vast garden or a modest balcony, there's a method tailored for your space.