Stop buying tomatoes. Use these 4 smart methods to grow an endless supply


Tomatoes are a culinary staple, enriching everything from stews and pasta sauces to fresh salsas. If you're a tomato aficionado, consider growing them in your space – it could be a rewarding experience for both your palate and wallet.

While the conventional route is to plant a tomato sapling, there are alternative ways to nurture this delightful fruit. Here are four ingenious methods:

1. Tomato Slices Planting
It's as straightforward as it sounds:

Materials Needed: An overripe tomato, potting mix, and planting pots.
Process: Almost fill a pot with the potting mix. Place tomato slices, roughly 1/4 inch thick and laden with seeds, on top. Cover the slices with a thin layer of soil. In about a week or so, you'll witness seedlings emerging, potentially 50 or more in a single pot!
Transplanting: Identify the 4-5 most robust seedlings, relocate them to a new pot. Monitor their growth and, over time, keep only the two most vigorous ones, providing them ample room to flourish.
2. Traditional Ground Planting

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